How to Choose Your Spare Tire

When you get a flat or damaged tire, you can replace it with a compact temporary tire or with a full-sized traditional product. Generally speaking, the larger tire is more convenient because you don't have to get it replaced again. However, if you can't fit that type of tire in your trunk, the compact - or donut - is your better option.

If you do drive on a compact tire, be sure that you don't drive faster than 55 miles per hour. This is usually the top speed for a donut, and you also may want to drive immediately to a service center or auto shop. This is because the donut is generally only good for about 55 to 60 miles.

Visiting Billion FIAT of Des Moines can make it easier to repair or replace a damaged tire. While here, you can have any other problem components inspected and taken care of quickly.



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