Signs Your Belts are Slipping

Even though your radiator is full, your car may have recently started to overheat, especially when the vehicle is idling. If so, your drive belt may be slipping, causing the fan to stop intermittently and cease to cool your engine properly. If you believe your belt is the culprit, listen carefully and you may hear a loud, squealing noise.

When a drive belt slips, it no longer keeps constant contact with the metal pulley. As it intermittently touches the pulley while spinning at high speeds, you will hear a loud squeal. This noise is especially noticeable on rainy days, as the water creates a further loss of friction between the metal pulley and rubber belt.

When you start hearing this loud, shrieking sound coming from the front of your car, it is time to have it checked out by a professional. Bring your vehicle to our dealership so that one of our qualified service technicians can inspect your drive belt. We keep a stock of essential FIAT parts for sale and look forward to assisting Clive, IA motorists with belt and hose needs.

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