The Importance of Transmission Fluid

Much like other fluids and parts of your car, the transmission fluid is an important component of your car. While it doesn’t require a monthly change, having a firm grasp of the transmission fluid will enable you to keep your car efficient until it’s time for a transmission fluid change.

The transmission fluid cools the transmission and lubricates the gears—it essentially keeps your car’s gears shifting smoothly. Unlike other fluids, transmission fluid isn’t ever low—just that its quality worsens over time as it deteriorates. Factors such as frequent heavy loads and repetitive start-and-stop type of driving can accelerate the decaying process of the transmission fluid. The most common telltale sign of a need for transmission fluid change is the emergence of burnt odor; change of color to brown from dark red is another.

Whether you are having gear problems or are simply not sure what color your transmission fluid looks like, you can have it checked out by a professional at our Billion FIAT of Des Moines for further assistance.
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