Car Gasket 101

Car gaskets are relatively simple parts of the car, however, they perform critical roles in vehicle function. A car has hundreds of gaskets which keep the various fluids and gasses contained in their respective areas. Gaskets are designed to withstand temperature extremes as well as contact with a myriad of chemicals.

As the most common gasket and the costliest to replace, the head gasket fills the space between the engine block and the cylinder head. Other imperative gaskets include the exhaust manifold gaskets, intake manifold gaskets, and camshaft gaskets. Gaskets work together to keep the vehicle running efficiently and safely. Although the gaskets themselves are not expensive to replace, the labor involved can make this repair extremely costly.

We invite you to stop by our auto parts and service center to let our trained technicians perform a thorough, and potentially money-saving, inspection of all your vehicle's gaskets.

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