Why Your Tire Pressure Light is On

Many of the newer cars that are on the market are equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system. This system uses sensors to check the air pressure in each of the car's tires. If the pressure registers as being too low, a light on your car's dashboard will be illuminated. This gives you a warning that there might be an issue with one of the tires.

When the tire pressure light comes on, it doesn't necessarily mean that you have a major problem with your tires. Tires can lose air based on temperature changes, and they can lose air over the course of time. You might just need to add a little air. Always check to make sure that there isn't a more significant problem.

If your tire pressure light comes on, stop in at Billion FIAT of Des Moines. The automotive service technicians can check and make sure all is right with your tires.

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