Test a Battery Twice Per Year to Avoid Being Stranded

As everyone knows, unless you have an old Model T with a hand crank, your car will go nowhere without a functioning battery. Most know it is more difficult to start a car in the winter, but less know that high temperatures also affect battery efficiency.

At moderate temperatures, a car battery operates normally. But as temperatures rise, the battery will weaken. Just as battery power decreases when the outside temperature is below freezing, a battery operating when the temperature is over 90 degrees can lose as much as 50 percent of its power. In addition, the water contained in a lead acid battery will begin to evaporate, causing premature failure.

It is best to have your battery tested at least twice per year, before winter and before the summer heat hits. This is especially true if it is over a year old. Our technicians can test it in minutes. If a new battery is needed, a new one can be installed in less time than it takes for a tow truck to arrive.



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