SUV Packing Tips

SUVs are great for long road trips with the family. When you're planning for your vacation, you need to pack your vehicle carefully to ensure that you're safe on the road. We want you to be an informed owner and make the most out of your ride, so here are some great packing tips you can use on your next road trip.

When you're stuffing your family's bags into the vehicle, keep heavier items towards the front of the cargo area. If it's possible, put the heaviest items on the floor between the front and rear seats. Too much weight on the rear wheels can put stress on the suspension system. This can ultimately affect your handling. Another important tip is to limit how much you bring. Pay close attention to your vehicle's hauling limit. You should also make sure that you can see out of the rear window with no issues.

With these tips in mind, you can stay safe on your travels. Before you depart, stop by Billion FIAT of Des Moines for auto service.



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