Is it Time to Check Your Alignment?

The streets of our fair city can sometimes be rife with perils that can do some relatively underestimated damage to our cars. Potholes, speed bumps and surprise curbs can be more than just a sobering bump along the road.

Have you noticed your car pulling to the left or right, and turns just not feeling quite right? This can be the result of your steering being out of alignment – the biggest type of damage these bumps can cause.

This can have ongoing, lasting damage that can grow worse over time. It can compromise the safety of your vehicle, too. If you notice these deviations or listing in a given direction, you should immediately see a professional about correcting this. Don’t just compensate with muscle memory, regarding it as "just how this car handles." It could prove a fatal mistake!

To learn more about alignment and the perils of ignoring it, come visit us today at Billion FIAT of Des Moines. We care about your safety!



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