How to Deal With a Flat Tire

Weather conditions, road treatments, and road debris all contribute to drivers needing to know how to change a flat tire. This is especially true because being stranded in traffic can be stressful and dangerous. Changing a flat tire is relatively easy, but it does require some knowledge.

If you experience a flat while driving, pull over onto a flat and safe area. Use your emergency jack to lift your car. Loosen the nuts of the flat with a lug wrench. Put your spare onto the lug posts, and tighten each nut in sequence. Lower the jack, and place all tools and the flat tire in storage. Do not consider your spare tire to be a license to continue your trip. Drive your car to the nearest expert service center for inspection.

If you have to replace a flat tire on a trip, drive your vehicle to Billion FIAT of Des Moines for repair after mounting a spare. Expert tire centers can replace a flat tire, or they can replace it. The cause of a flat tire can also be identified. Causes can include puncture, poor tire quality, or a corroded bead on the wheel rim. Professional tire service teams can recommend ways to prevent future flats.



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