The Value of a Car Battery

On most store shelves, there are dozens of batteries with different price tags. All car battery manufacturers determine their prices based on the hardware. If you consider the value of each battery during every replacement situation, you'll make smarter buying decisions.

Typically, the less expensive batteries supply the least power, and batteries that have a high price tag provide more power that's very consistent. There are also batteries that are reasonably priced; they're ideal for motorists on a budget. If you want a pricey battery, pick a lithium-based product. A lead-acid battery is a great all-around option because it has solid charging capabilities and it can handle multiple power cycles.

Whenever your battery has drained, you can recharge it at Billion FIAT of Des Moines. We have commercial-grade equipment that energizes battery cells safely and a team that understands how to replace an old battery with new hardware.



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