Winter Tire Options

Tires for winter use fall under three different categories. The classifications include studded, studless and performance. Studded tires can be used during the rest of the year without the studs. When ice and snow arrive, the studs provide extra traction. However, they do increase cabin noise. Some states do not allow studded varieties, as they damage roadways.

Stud-free tires are designed in such a way as to provide the extra traction needed during the winter but without the harsh studs. The material used to make the tires allows for greater flexibility regardless of environmental temperature. The deep tread ensures better traction. They improve overall handling and maneuverability regardless of road conditions.

Performance tires are more designed to handle the extreme cold temperatures of winter months. They are not the ideal choice for driving on ice and snow. Whether needing new tires, tire rotation or swapping out seasonal rubber, trust the technicians at our dealership to get the job done.



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