FIAT 500X Redefines Custom Style

We appreciate a vehicle that’s practical and safe. We also take pride in an attractive, stylish design as well. While some would argue that these two things can’t be one in the same, FIAT would disagree rather strongly.

Italy excels at style, be it clothes, shoes or cars, and FIAT personifies this by reputation alone. The 500X offers 15 different beautiful colors that allow you to express yourself. Exterior illumination through clear, LED front and rear lamps ensure visibility in all weather while still looking good. The exterior heating prevents ice and water build up, preserving the aerodynamics enabled by the curvy, elegant design.

This attractive vehicle is safe, efficient and provides a ride so smooth it’s like hovering on air. To experience this attractive customizable example of style and power, come visit us at Billion FIAT of Des Moines today for a test drive!



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