Engine Cooling & Radiator Service

Taking care of your vehicle is crucial to making sure that you get the maximum useful life out of it. One of the most common issues with cars is that they overheat if their cooling and radiators are not properly cared for. That is why our team at Billion FIAT of Des Moines want to give you a general overview of your car's cooling systems and how to care for them.

First, the goal of the cooling systems in your car is to remove heat from the engine and expel it to the surroundings to ensure that it continues to run efficiently. This means regularly making sure that your coolant levels are filled up. Coolant travels through tubing and absorbs heat from the engine so that it can be circulated and have the heat moved away. Experts recommend that coolant be flushed every 30,000 miles of driving or 5 years, whichever should come first.



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