Protecting Your Car from Salt Corrosion this Season

It is important that you do not leave salt from the road on your vehicle. Here are some tips from Billion FIAT of Des Moines to help reduce rust growth, mechanical issues, and damage to your car's finish.

Get in the habit this season of getting the vehicle to a car wash at least once every 10 days. Regardless the temperature or conditions, if salt is trapped under the vehicle, it could be rusting out several of the moving parts that will begin wearing quickly. The high-pressure water system at the car wash will make short work of removing even small traces of damaging rock salt from the vehicle.

Avoid driving your vehicle in deep snow. The reason is the salt in that snow gets packed into many of the hard to reach places under your vehicle, and that salt will start causing corrosion quickly. Keeping as much snow from the undercarriage will reduce serious wear on moving parts.



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