Why Winter Tires are Wrong in Warmer Weather

If winter tires are so great in winter, won't they be good enough during the other seasons? Sure, you can ride around on winter tires, but should you? No, and here's why.

Winter tires don't just have a different name, they have a different design and purpose. Created for better traction in snow, ice and other wintry conditions, these tires have more flexible tread rubber that wears down faster in warmer temps. Basically, what makes them work so well in winter could be their downfall in summer.

Another problem is that winter tires don't perform as well when it's warm. They have decreased handling capabilities, which makes them less reliable for quick maneuvering. When the season changes, consider summer or all-season tires. Billion FIAT of Des Moines can help you understand tires and which ones are right for the seasons. Visit our dealership for more info.



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