Experience the Changing Seasons with a Leaf-Peeping Road Trip

Fall, with its changing leaves and vibrant colors, is the perfect time for a popular activity: a leaf-peeping trip. The best way to see the foliage? A road trip. When you have your vehicle, you're free to take side roads to find the best vistas.

As you're planning the trip, be sure to choose the right timing. After all, the leaves in your destination might change at a different time than the leaves in another region. Keep an eye on local reports, and come right at peak color time for the most spectacular views.

If you're visiting a popular leaf-peeping region such as New England, be prepared for crowds. Don't be afraid to get off the beaten path; you might get a beautiful area all to yourself. Before you go, be sure to stop by Billion FIAT of Des Moines to get your vehicle serviced so it's ready for the adventure.



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